Potential clients could possibly be confused and concerned when reading information about self-drive hire on web sites from companies who only offer removals and are concentrating their efforts on misleading information about one way self-drive van hire. Make your own mind up…

Motorway Speed Limits – Vans and Mini buses – 90 KM/h

Urban rural road speed limits – Vans and Mini buses – 80 KM/h

All of our fleet have trackers and also some are fitted with speed limiters to avoid fines.

No. Van hire vehicles are rarely stopped by the Police as the sign writing clearly shows its purpose.

Thank heavens that irrespective of the type of vehicle being driven the Police and Customs will always do their job. Are self-drive vehicles of particular interest? Of course not. We did have one client delayed at customs when our vehicle was being used to transport 500 bottles of wine into the UK for her sister’s wedding. The customs held the vehicle with its contents until the lady could prove the wine was for private use, she then went on her way for her sister’s big day.

On rare occasions over the years there has been incidents involving Luton vehicles that have proven to be overloaded. These vehicles are widely used for self-drive van hire and removals all around the world and are ideal for loading items which could require a tail lift like white goods, bulky sofas, divan beds, wardrobes and chest of drawers etc. along with some boxes, but not too many. We do not offer Luton vans.

Some companies who only offer removals are sadly concentrating their efforts on writing misleading information on websites about one way self-drive van hire and Way2Go, obviously believing we are the reason they may be struggling. They have even searched the web to find scary pictures of things going wrong for people on the other side of the world! However, we are confident that our wide range of services and vehicles, along with helpful information on the independent forums and our testimonials will allow the public to make up their own minds.

The LWB vans are great for lots of medium weight boxes and less furniture.

Our 15m3 panel vans have a massive 1.5 ton payload and can often be filled to the roof. That’s why they are widely used around the globe by all removal and courier companies. 

The average total cost is 1900€

With Way2Go you simply rent the van one way where the savings are greater than ever as there is no need to return the vehicle to the place of origin, no need to pay for labour costs when using a removal service, no need to pay for flights and airport transfers to your new home and in addition to this, Way2Go Hire can also offer you a discount when sailing with Brittany ferries between UK-Spain-UK. The sailing is only 24 hours and includes a cabin so no need to pay for hotels. That’s why one way van hire UK to Spain makes sense.

By using the ferry between UK & Spain 24 hours including a night’s sleep in your own cabin.

The required age is 22 – 70 years plus where extra named drivers are free of charge.

The frozen deposit is security, not vehicle insurance.

A frozen deposit is an amount our Insurers require to ensure the safe return of our vehicle. When the deposit is frozen neither you or Way2Go have the deposit money. It has simply been locked on your card for the duration of the hire where it is released on safe return of our vehicle.

All of our vehicles are rented per calendar day not per 24 hour.

Our hire periods are for a 4 day hire, but we allow collection from 9am on day 1 and require the vehicle returned to depot by 5pm on day 5. This gives you extra time to make your journey at no extra cost to you.

Should you opt for a collection, please allow enough time for the driver to return the van by 5pm on final day of hire.

The vehicles leave our depots with a full tank of fuel for your convenience. On its return to your chosen depot it will need to have a full tank of fuel for the next client.

If we are given notice we can collect and deliver the vehicle to your nearest coach or train station at cost.

We recommend the 24 hour ferry between the UK-ES-UK where you don’t have to then pay for hotels through France and there is a significant saving on fuel and tolls.

All of our vehicles are diesel.

All of our fleet is left hand drive 

The LWB & SWB vans have securing rings on the floor.

All our self drive vehicles travel as private on the ferries where the cost for both types of vehicle are the same.

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